LOTO – also known as lockout/tagout or energy isolation – is the practice of locking and tagging a piece of electrical equipment after it has been de-energized. This equipment then cannot be re-energized unless a specific procedure is followed – one which requires the notification and approval of those who de-energized it. LOTO procedures are commonly used when one piece of equipment needs to be de-energized so that another piece of equipment can be accessed, then inspected or repaired. LOTO procedures for the control of hazardous energy provide employers with a way to prevent electrical mishaps and ensure that workers will be kept safe from the de-energized equipment while performing necessary tasks. Once the tasks are completed, workers can unlock/untag the de-energized piece of equipment and return it to service following a specific procedure.

Kingstone LOTO Co. is a professional manufacturer specializing in safe lockout-tagout, safe labels and signs and personal protection equipment. We have our research and development team to bring out various kinds of products and solutions to meet our dedicated customers requirement. Quality and innovation are what we always pursue. If you could not find the exact product you want, never mind, just contact us and tell us your requirements, we will arrange the moulds and then manufacture them for you.
Sample order can be acceptable.

OEM available.
Many products are available from stock within several days.
If required, goods can be collected from our factory directly to your customers. 
Hope that we can have  business opportunity with your company.

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